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selva guarantee but  your administration may be done quickly and precisely with unparalleled experience and polished skill. Call at present to plan a careful and expert cure for your home or business. Our experts in the subject are personally aware of the irritations you may experience and have affirmed treatments to manage to the  most commonplace family bugs. We likewise offer a few choices to guarantee that your own house is the more uncommon sorts of bugs. So regardless of what your bug disposal needs are, after all got you covered. while accept that every home and family is extraordinary, and this investigation assists us with building up a vermin control intended to fulfill your specific requirements.


 It incorporates all creeping and flying bugs like a cockroach, flies, centipedes, bloodsuckers. At Bug-Free, we assure you to cure your vermin issues within reach and, luckily, introduce an assurance for extra significant serenity. accordingly very master and gifted bug regulators might have these General Pest killed and guarantee your home will be general sans pes. besides offer our services of assistance to the whole of the UAE. Every space in the United States will have a restricted assortment of bugs that trigger most issues. accomplishment  control numerous apartment buildings, lodgings, eateries, and office edifices. hey are responsive, charming, and committed to completing the work. Laborers impacted pretty well and learned regarding vermin control.

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Ants Pest Control Services Selva Group bug control likewise provided me with administrations till the matter settled. We transport bug control administrations of the most

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Bed Bugs Pest Control Services Additionally, make sure all house doorways and water sources are dry after use. A cockroach eradication interaction may change from

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Cockrage Pest Control Services The multi-treatment procedure in bug control effectively recognizes the stock of the pervasion. which prevents the issue from repeating cockroach If

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General Pest Control Services In, general pest control  a family-possessed, UAE-based vermin control firm offering intention of all time  particular excellent assistance to a wide

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These are not all kinds of pests we need to be aware

But they are the most common kinds of creatures we usually encounter on a day to day basis: 


These are  mammals of the order Rodentia. Everyone knows them for their teeth or incisors that continuously grow. 

Most important rodents prefer to eat seeds, grains, and fruits, while some are omnivores who like to eat animal products. 

These creatures can damage your furniture, car engines, walls, pipes, crops and can even burn your house down! Rats and mice belong to this group,

 and then chew electric wires, which could cause a fire. Some of the diseases we can get from rodents are Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Leptospirosis, Plague, Salmonellosis, and Lassa Fever.


These creatures are commonly present in our homes and building establishments. 

They love warm environments close to food and water. Cockroaches don’t cause property damage but could bring health issues to human beings. 

he can trigger asthma attacks and allergies and spread about 33 bacteria. 

Bed bugs

 bugs are parasites from insects called Cimicid. They are usually around in beds. 

But they quickly spread or transfer and can be present also in couches, bags, clothes, and hotels. 

Bed bugs can bring allergic reactions and skin infections to humans. 


Ants are social insects that live in large colonies and groups. Ants love sweets, but they eat almost

 everything like meat, vegetables, oil, and fats. They are carriers of different bacteria like Salmonella, Streptococcus, and shigella. 

They can transfer them to open wounds or food. 


Begin a small insects that can chew floors, woods, and wallpapers. They could bring serious respiratory illnesses, asthma, and other skin conditions. 

ticks& fleas

to enumerate  the most common parasites that attack our pets like cats and dogs. They are known to be the second vectors of human disease. 

These creatures can transmit diseases like plague, typhus, cat scratch fever, and flea-borne spotted fever through bites

How To Get Rid Of Pests

after that you know the most common types of pests that we usually see around us, you might want to get rid of them. 

There are many different ways to get rid of pests. However, it all depends on the kind of species you are dealing with. 

Although problems can be in your household, and you think only one or a couple, DIY methods might help. It can be effective as long as you follow the proper steps.

So here are some of the DIY steps on how to get rid of pests. These ways will not only be suitable for your home but your business establishment as well:

Setting baits and traps

most of these unwanted creatures attract food. So if you are thinking of getting rid of pests like mice or rats, ants or cockroaches, the first thing to do is set up baits and traps. These are effective, but you have to make sure to do your research first so you would know the right kind of baits and traps to use for that specific creature. 

Some examples of these traps are glue boards which could trap mice, roaches, or other crawling insect bucket traps for beetles, CO2 trap for bedbugs, illuminated pan trap for fleas and stink bugs, pheromone trap for pantry pests, clothes moths, and some fruit-tree pests, flypaper or ribbons for flies, moths, and other small flying insects, and many more. 

Chemicals & Insecticides– many of these that you can buy over the counter. Most of these insecticides come in a bottle spray that you can just easily spray on suspected areas where you think pests. Be very careful when using such, and make sure to read the label as this contains detailed instructions and or information on how to use the product correctly and legally. It also has potential hazards. But, again, reading and following the label will help you maximize the effectiveness and reduce the risk associated with the product. 

Using plants as repellents

some plants are used to keep bugs and insects away. They show effectiveness and are known for their pest-repellent properties. These plants are lavender, oregano, basil, citronella grass, eucalyptus, lemongrass, marigold, and many more. If you have a garden or a good hand in planting, it’s best to have these plants in your home as it does not just bring positivity in your home but also serves as insect repellents.

 Now that you know there are methods against pests that you can do by yourself, you may try these and they will solve your pest issues. But what if you are not sure of the number of pests in your home? Then it’s a different story. If there is already an infestation, these DIY methods may not help, as we are now talking about a couple or more pests that can be challenging to manage. In situations like this, we recommend calling an exterminator for worry-free living.

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