Bathtub Repairing

Bathtub Repairing

Bathtub Repairing Services

SELVA is a company in Dubai that’s reliable and professional in tubs maintaining the industry requirements in the works. Our rates are very aggressive, and most of those fittings come with a guaranteed interval ease in the long run.

To maintain, you need to continually keep up with any repairs around your house, Including keeping the bathroom fixtures looking new. Over time, bathtubs can sustain damage to their protective coatings, leading to a peeling bathtub finish.

 However, there are products on the market that allow you to repair the bathtub finish to its original shine. It takes patience and a steady hand, but a do-it-yourselfer can fix chipped or peeling spots on the bathtub before it becomes necessary to resurface the entire tub.

How to Make Bathtubs New Again

Clean the bathtub thoroughly with a bathroom cleaner designed for your particular type of bathtub. Do not use abrasives to clean the tub. They might damage the entire surface. Take care to remove all traces of soap scum or another residue from the tub. Allow the tub to air-dry. Roughen the area surrounding the peeling bathtub finish with 220-grit or finer sandpaper. Remove any flakes or loose edges from the peeling site as you sand. Wipe the debris from sanding off the tub’s surface with a tack cloth. Mix equal parts of the hardener from a bathtub repair kit with the filler in a small disposable container. Use a craft stick to mix the two substances. Stir it according to package directions. 


Spread the repair mixture you are repairing with the applicator that comes with the repair kit or a clean craft stick. Then, smooth it out over the entire damaged area, taking care to leave no air bubbles. Sand the repaired area to a smooth finish after it dries 30 minutes or the time recommended by the manufacturer. Wipe any dust off the tub’s surface with a tack cloth. Place plastic sheeting on the tub to expose only the surface you are repairing. Secure the plastic sheeting with painter’s tape. Spray the exposed surface with a light coating of paint from a can of acrylic urethane enamel. A tub repair kit might have the spray paint included in the kit. Allow this coat to dry for at least 15 minutes. Then, apply a second and third coat of enamel, allowing each coat to dry. Remove the protective plastic sheeting. Let the for four days without using the bathtub to cure correctly.

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