Grease Trap Maintenance

Proficient Grease Trap Maintenance

 Grease traps need regular maintenance, emptying, and cleaning to ensure optimal functionality and prevent blockages. It essential to clear out grease traps before they damage the building and pollute our environment. SELVA GROUP provides an efficient, discreet, and environmentally friendly service. When recycled into mulch and compost, the collected grease given a new lease on life, effectively creating an open-closed loop where recycled materials create something new. We utilize natural, environmentally friendly microbial solutions to effectively eradicate FOG fat, oil, and grease and treat wastewater efficiently for a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable environment.

Grease Entice Cleaning Services

Our skilled grease entice service includes emptying and cleansing the complete contents of the grease lure unit. When you must unblock a drainpipe, you realize how essential functioning drains are. The clearance of a commercial or home grease lures a fragile job that demands stringent security standards. Our firm emphasizes security first, and our staff fully licensed to remove and dispose of all grease trap waste effectively. The outgoing line the secondary and travels up until it establishes the conventional liquid stage, then it’s going to flow down to the sanitary sewer system. Cleaning a grease entices an integral part of any kitchen in Dubai, e.g., hotels, pubs, restaurants, and business kitchens. 


Dubai municipality  very strict about getting clean grease traps with a city permitted grease trap company. Grease lure filters to separate liquid grease suspensions and meal waste too blocked drains. Grease trap waste managed waste by the Environment Agency that legally can only removed from your website by a registered waste carrier. Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company does not provide cleansing maintenance holes from then roots of the bushes. Depending on then blockage’s cause and severity, Drain unblocking can even take a couple of minutes or a few hours. Additional charges apply for Emergency and Friday bookings, based chiefly on availability and permissions from the community/ building, confirmed the client. The Assured to receive assistance from a team of devoted specialists with main improvements designed in your kitchen’s grease issues.

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