Water Cooled Chiller Maintenance



Accordingly , SELVA GROUP proficient in overhauling, keeping up, and fixing water-cooled chillers. They are has a decent decision if the refrigerant is alkali. Our qualified technicians. Water cooled chiller maintenance dedicating to providing reliable service for all your heating and ventilation systems ,including chillers. 

We are offering Efficient and dependable chiller repair and services. From sensor adjustment, the executives checking, electrical wiring framework, wellbeing checking, gears, to microchips, they look at every one of them and re-establish or trade them if fundamental.

It is the reason modern chillers are, which disengage the hotness, that is. Consequently, it delivers a cooling outcome that helps decline the hotness shape. That being, a stylish chiller costs a fortune, so it is fundamental to keep up with it now and again.

Water Chiller Maintenance in Dubai.

To enumerate has Contingent upon the circumstance of your Chiller, picking between a water cooled chiller maintenance  unit or an air-cooled chiller unit will give benefits. Water Treatment presents each air-cooled and water-cooled chiller variation at an incredible scope of abilities too serve your necessities regardless of your different conditions. Moreover, it oversees framework usage and blunder history by precise and climate agreeable administration of chiller stock. Information examination can prevent potential perils in advance, so a month-to-month keep an eye on the Chiller on an ordinary premise is prescribed to thwart disappointments and keep up with proficiency. 


The essential capacity of the FAHU is to take in outside air, re-condition it, and give it a contemporary perspective to a private or business property. It is an indoor piece of any HVAC cooling framework that goes about as a blower, which reuses or re-flows the air to instigate the contemporary way of thinking created unit or present inside the space to abound or little space. Our cooling experts will introduce a great answer that can assist you with keeping up with solace at your office while dealing with the expense. Follow-up for Repair, Maintain, P.P.M., site assessments, Reporting for CHILLER and HVAC procedures. 


Attend and clear up all CHILLER and HVAC grumblings got by the reason’s inhabitant in a fast time, and top of the reached work. Water Cooled Screw Chiller that is Engineered to satisfy the developing needs of Highly effective complex core execution. Obstructed liquid channel, siphon disappointment, the short liquid will end in risky chiller effectiveness. Keeping up with Chiller throughout the entire yr is essential, and we need further more to comprehend the ongoing chiller issues which might influence ordinary effective working.

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