Air Cooled Chiller Maintenance


Accordingly SELVA GROUP is providing an air-cooled chiller service. We give you better serve all types of chiller our team has an experience of technicians who have worked indifferent chillers like Carrier, Trane, York, Kirloskar, Blue Star, Voltas. The chillers operated with leaving water temperatures starting from 35°C–52°C. The fundamental design of the Sapphire range is that it includes all elements of a cooling system into one easy package deal. 

Treatment offers each air-cooled and water-cooled chiller variant at a good range of capacities to serve needs despite your varying circumstances. Stay away from any loop balances, for example, for bending in blades and indications of consumption. We supply A/C Sales & Rental to be used with a cold plunge pool or for those who want to cool off their pool water. Selva works on Medical Chiller techniques starting from design to installation &commissioning & maintenance of the identical full with its ducting, refrigerant piping, electrical, and management functions. 

One-time service or annual upkeep plan, A.C. service pricing are just about the standard by A.C. unit capability and number of units installed within the villa or construction. Additionally, should you see that then compressor is unable to supply a more substantial cooling effect, then most likely, it is as a result of a leak. Upon finding leaks, our consultants implement the necessary fixations or replace them.

 For occasion, when you find leakage, block, or compressor uncommon noises, then it’s time  avail correct chiller maintenance service instantly. A chiller removes warmth from a liquid by using  fuel compression or absorption refrigeration cycle. The thermodynamic cycle absorption chiller is by a warmth source via steam, sizzling water, or combustion. Absorption Chillers powered by a warmth supply similar too smoke transferring parts

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