Commercial Building Facility Management

Build Trust Commercial Building Facility Management

 SELVA GROUP incorporates as different scope of destinations that draw enormous hordes of individuals for shopping, business, amusement, or housing. Workplaces inside then space work on the norm of the open local area, then Commercial Building Facility ManagementBut inferring that the general populace can move wholeheartedly without the hindrance of uncommonly observable security obstacles. After all The more significant part of these workplaces on beginning are restrictive and worked, most important with inconsequential correspondence with the public government and other authoritative components.


 If devoted workers, experienced supervisory crew, and our cutting-edge innovation give us the edge in again overseeing and preparing our administration partners to convey quality administrations at the best worth reliably. If offer these top-quality types of assistance, with the goal that you and your staff have more opportunity to zero because  on developing your business and keeping up benefits while constantly meeting the assumptions for individuals working in or traveling your office.

Facility Management Process of an commercial Building

SELVA GROUP is giving these business offices

  1. Entertainment and Media
  2. Gaming (e.g., club).
  3. Housing (e.g., inns, inns, meeting focuses).
  4. Outside Events (e.g., subject and entertainment meccas, fairs, camping areas, marches
  5. Experienced in arranging leases and recharges
  6. Financials and reports month to month

basically Interest in the effective facility management (FM) of commercial buildings is rapidly increasing because of as significant demand for increased reliability and performance of facilities too enhance employee productivity. In this paper, a process to enumerate model is proposed for the facility management of office buildings, which is the preferred type of commercial property due to then growth of the current financial market in South Korea. Too construct an FM process model, critical success factors and major activities of the office building FM are investigated. beside a proposed model simulates a real operational setting with characteristics of an commercial building as a commercial property. Then model involves six sequential processes: (1) identify facility; (2) identify characteristics of tenants; (3) develop a facility management plan; (4) implement operation and maintenance; (5) collect new information and respond; and (6) analyze performance and perform complementary actions.


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